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Recycling and Waste Management

Green Park have introduced a number of initiatives to help manage and reduce the waste produced in the multi-occupied buildings* across the Park.

Office Waste

General Waste and Dry Mixed Recycling bins have introduced throughout each of the buildings to help manage and reduce the waste produced in the multi-occupied buildings.

General Waste and Mixed Recycling posters have been created for Occupiers to help make recycling easy and reduce confusion over what goes in which bin.

Food Waste

Food caddies have been provided to occupiers working in our multi-occupied buildings. This allows occupiers to dispose of all food waste into a caddy which is then emptied into a separate food waste wheelie bin, located in the bin compound areas.
The food collected from Green Park gets taken to an Anerobic Digestion facility where it organically breaks down in the absence of oxygen and produces biogas and soil improver which is used in the agriculture industry.

WEEE Waste

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment must be disposed of separately. This includes anything that has a plug or needs power to work. It includes equipment parts, cables / wires and telephones.

For items that are in good working order, Green Park is in partnership with Connect Reading to donate items to local charities before they are disposed of in the WEEE bin.

Located at 100 Longwater Avenue is a WEEE Waste bin where Occupiers can dispose of any unusable electrical equipment. If you have items to donate or dispose of in other buildings, please contact Reception.


These must be disposed of separately. There are battery boxes at each of our managed buildings. Please speak with the building Front of House representative for more information.


We also have a Salvation Army charity clothing and shoes recycling bin at 100 Longwater Avenue. This is located in the bin compound.

Other waste

Connect Reading are happy to broker items donated from business to local charities. Please contact us on if you have any items to donate. So far we have donated water bottles, writing pads, a printer, name badges, fan heaters and office desks.

Action Against Breast Cancer

Nvidia, based at 100 Brook Drive, have a bra bin collection, which is part of their charitable support for ‘Against Breast Cancer’.  If occupiers would like to make a donation please contact Judi Lewis-Shallow.

Future Initiatives

Green Park Management Team are looking to decrease the amount of waste and increase the amount of recycling across the Estate. If you have any ideas on how to help achieve this, please get in touch:

If you have some items to dispose of that aren’t identified on the posters, please get in touch: and we will do our best to assist.

*Our multi-occupied buildings are:

  • 100 Brook Drive
  • 100 Longwater Avenue
  • 200 Longwater Avenue
  • 250 Longwater Avenue
  • 250 Southoak Way
  • 400 Southoak Way