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Green Park Twitchers

Green Park Twitchers offers everyone an opportunity to experience the diverse and extensive list of notable bird species surveyed during recent years. A number of protected and notable bird species have been recorded in the Park, many of which are also likely to hold breeding territories.

In 2011, 20 species were recorded, including seven UK BAP species and the bird list during this year stood at 62 species. It is considered that in the context of the wider Reading landscape, Green Park is likely to support one of the most diverse bird assemblages in the borough and to contribute to supporting bird populations associated with the extensive network of gravel lakes immediately west of the Park.

On May 22 2014, the fourth sighting of a Great Reed Warbler in Berkshire since 1960 was at Green Park. An occupier on the park heard the distinctive call of the bird in the reeds close to the pontoon. was immediately notified and we had 20 individuals observing the birds.

Download a complete list of the birds that have been spotted at Green Park since 2005 (updated 27 March 2015).

The Green Park Management Team welcomes any contribution to this list and want to encourage the wider community and bird-watchers to contact to list their experiences.  This can be a note regarding a visual  sighting or actual photographic evidence.