Wildlife Webcams: Cygnets, Hedgehogs & Coot Chicks

You may be working remotely, but we can still bring the latest wildlife updates of Green Park to you with our wildlife webcams.

We are providing you with the latest wildlife updates from all around the Park, so you don’t miss a thing! Lets see what animals we have captured this week.

We have been monitoring a pair of nesting swans on Longwater Lake for a couple of weeks and we can finally share footage of seven fluffy Cygnets!

In our last hedgehog update we demonstrated how we would be monitoring our hedgehog population using mammal tunnels. We are pleased to announce that we have captured footage of a hedgehog using one of our mammal tunnels.

Coot Chicks
We have spotted some Coot chicks being fed by their parents. Can you see how the parents are diving down to find food  and bringing it to the surface to feed their chicks?