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Trim Trail

Located outside 100 Longwater Avenue (by the car park) and also along Brook Drive opposite Regus and CGI, a set of Trim Trail equipment has been installed for the use of anyone on the park.

Below is a description of the exercise equipment that can be found.

• Log Stack – Our Log Stack station works the leg muscle groups. Suitable for 2 person use.

• Chin Ups – Our Chin Ups station works the arm/shoulders muscle groups. Suitable for 3 person use.

• Abs bench – Our Abs Bench station works the stomach muscle groups. Suitable for 2 person use

• Balance Beams – Our Balance Beam station allows users to work their muscle groups though general exercise. Suitable for 2 person use.

• Beam Lift – Our Beam Lift station works the arm/shoulders and back muscle groups. Suitable for 4 person use.

• Traversing Wall – Our Traversing Wall station allows users to work on their general balance skills. Suitable for 2 person use.

Each piece of equipment has an instruction guide affixed or near it, to instruct how to use the equipment correctly.

Please download the map to see the locations along with the equipment that can be found in that area.

We would welcome your feedback on the kit that we have installed and we hope you enjoy it. Please email any feedback to