Nesting Swans

Green Park is home to two elegant Swans (Cygnus) who are currently nesting on seven eggs. The nest can be seen along the summer path behind landmark, towards the South end of Longwater Lake. It is a large mound made up of different materials such as dried grasses and assorted vegetation.

Both the cob (male) and pen (female) swan take it in turns to incubate the eggs whilst the other goes to rummage for food.

The eggs can take between 35-41 days to hatch and this occurs during late April and early May.

It is important that noises and public activity are kept to a minimum around this area or whilst passing through, as this can cause stress to occur for both the pen and cob. Please adhere to the signs and barriers placed around the area. We have noticed quite a few people feeding the swans very close to the nest. Whilst we appreciate this is done out of a love of the wildlife, we would ask that you don’t do this. It attracts other waterfowl and rats close to the nest which can be very distressing for the adults. Feel free to feed to waterfowl from the willow walk bridge.

This is an exciting time for Green Park because in the upcoming weeks we could potentially have seven cygnets! If you have a wildlife photos, we would love to see them! Please tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.