Nesting Swans on Longwater Lake

As many of you may have noticed, there is a wonderful swan nest currently situated on the lakeside at Green Park. We suspect there are seven eggs on the nest which has been built with reeds and straw.

Due to the nature of the nest being in an area which isn’t typically under flood water, Swan Support kindly visited and provided some straw for the swan to build the nest up nice and high.
Swans typically only sit on their eggs when they have finished laying and will then stay on there for about 34 days so we are hoping that we shall see some cygnets (baby swans) arriving in May.

If you do see the nest we kindly ask you do not interact with it in any way, this also includes feeding the swans. Although these swans are wonderfully friendly, the food attracts both rats, other rodents and water fowl. This not only encourages animals which eat eggs and cygnets, but also attracts other birds, which can cause a lot of stress to the adult swans. The female who sits on the nest has been feeding up for the past few months and the male, who can be seen chasing everything off the lake, will be providing food for her as she sits.

Please note that the path where the swan nest sits is currently shut to dog walkers as the swans can be very aggressive to dogs during this time. Please take note of the signs posted around the lakeside.

If you have any concerns for the swans or you would like more information, please contact Faye Kelland, Biodiversity Coordinator. If you have any photos of any of the wildlife at Green Park please send them to us or show them on twitter at @GreenParkUK.