Green Park supports clap for carers!

People across the country have been taking part in a ‘Clap for Carers’ tribute, saluting NHS staff and other key workers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

During these unprecedented times, people from all over the country have been showing their gratitude with a huge round of applause from their front doors, balconies, windows and living rooms, to thank all the brave key workers.

Here at Green Park, we will be showing our appreciation for all the UK’s key workers by turning the masts BLUE between the hours of 8pm – 9pm on Thursday 9 April.

There are many ways you can show your appreciation too! You could download a poster or colouring activity pack and display this in your window. Or why not download the social media pack and update your profile picture or banner and help share the message. Click here for downloads. But most importantly, don’t forget to stand up and applaud this Thursday at 8pm.

Join the countdown!