A lot has changed over the last 21 years

As Green Park celebrates its twenty-first anniversary we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane.

This year marks Green Park’s twenty-first anniversary as a premium business park.
Our journey began 21 years ago when the first foundations were laid at Green Park, which was once an area of low-lying, poor quality agricultural land, lying in the flood plain of the River Kennet.

In 1999, a workplace was born that empowered people – a business park where the latest social and environmental thinking would be used to promote both happiness and productivity. Current research has shown that seeing the colour green can help boost creativity, and that being surrounded by plants and nature can reduce stress. 21 years ago, this well-established thinking was the key inspiration for Green Park.

We all change over time too — how we look, how we think — so we thought we would see how twenty-one years has changed us.

Click here to see our team reflect on what they were up to 21 years ago.

Join in the fun and upload a photo of yourself, 21 years ago, to Instagram. Don’t forget to hashtag – #GreenPark21.