Where we work, eat and play affects how well we function. At Green Park we’re realising the equity of the natural environment for the benefit of everyone: workers, visitors and business owners.

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It’s all been building to this

Now in its 20th year Green Park is proud to announce two stunning new buildings, each with 116,994 sq ft of column-free, premium office space. The construction of 400 and 450 Longwater Avenue is arguably the most exciting build in 2019 and work is scheduled to begin in February.

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Green Park 2020 Desk Calendars

Would you or your colleagues like a Green Park desk calendar to brighten up your desk? Our Green Park desk calendars will be available in the new year with details...

  3 months ago

New Picnic Benches Situated Around Green Park

Take a break from your desk, clear your mind and enjoy your lunch break at one of our lakeside picnic areas. 6 picnic benches have been situated in various locations...

  7 months ago

Cycle To Work Day 2019

25 occupiers took to two wheels for their morning commute for the fourth consecutive year. This was in support of the UK’s largest cycle commuting event, Cycle to Work Day....

  7 months ago

Hedgehog Tunnels & Homes Introduced at Green Park

Once a common sighting and now a rarity within UK gardens, parks and hedgerows, hedgehogs are on a rapid decline due to habitat destruction and water deprivation. It has been...

  7 months ago
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