In the last Quarter before we moved from Newbury, we had 60 applicants for around 15 jobs. In the Quarter after we moved to Green Park, we had 441 applicants for around 60 jobs, showing an increase of close to 100% in the number of applicants per job.

Simon Greenstreet
Head of Communications & Public Affairs,
  • We attend a lot of the food festivals, the sporting events such as the 10k and the half marathon, but also this means we talk to a lot more people on the park, we get to see people we don’t always see regularly, and it’s just nice to catch up.

  • People's morale and their productivity have all gone up working in a state-of-the-art facility.

  • Green Park put on events for all the different companies that work here. sorts events for the people that work here. Choir, yoga, all sorts of things, it’s really good!

  • There are many restaurants, many cafes, we go for drinks after work, it’s absolutely perfect!

  • When we were looking to relocate, we looked at a lot of other buildings and nothing matched Green Park.

  • It doesn’t really feel like an office environment here, it’s more like a town centre.

  • The views are stunning, and that ability to be able to get away from your desk, get some fresh air. You go for a walk with a colleague, you end up talking shop and having ideas whilst you’re out and about, and it’s far less constraining.

  • There are so many crazy things you don’t know about. You can play tennis for free, you can do boot camps, it’s absolutely top notch.


With a third of our time spent at work, we think it’s worth making the experience as rewarding as possible.

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If you had to design a place to work from the ground up on a sheet of paper, you’d say ‘beautiful location’, ‘great business community’, ‘fantastic links to road and rail’.

And it’s all here.

Nigel Penn-Simkins
Managing Director, Article 10