Virtual Reality Experience

20th of April
250 South Oak Way, Green Park, RG2 6UG 12:00 - 14:00

We’re giving members the chance to take on their own exhilarating virtual reality experience!

Take the VR plank walk where you will face your fears of heights and the unknown in order to walk from one side of the plank to the other.  Sounds simple right?  High heights and timed races make a seemingly simple task into a heart-pounding adventure.

Why not take to the slopes with our VR skiing experience. The course tests participants with sharp turns and even grand canyons to leap over. But who will unveil themselves as a pro-skier, avoiding obstacles and speeding to the finish line.

VR beat dance puts you to the point of impact for every hit in your music. Beats glide in slowly for mellow parts of the songs, then ramp up for the intense parts of the songs with cross-body, double-shield and high-altitude hits. Who will end up the dance battle winner.

Our VR painting activity lets you paint in 3D creating a truly unique and immersive experience like no other. Unleash your creativity!

Alongside these VR activities you’ll also be able to compete against colleagues at our car racing game station and at our retro gaming stations.

Activities will give you points to produce leaderboards where some amazing prizes will be awarded!

Upon arrival at 250 South Oak Way, please visit reception where you will be directed you to our VR gaming room.

Are you up for the challenge? Come and find out! RSVP on Life at Green Park to let us know you’ll be joining us.