The Photographic Angle: Photography Exhibition

15th-19th of February
Green Park 09:30 - 15:00

The Photographic Angle will be back at Green Park with yet another great collection of photography, this time the theme being ‘A Beautiful World’.

Occupiers and the general public are welcome to come along and view the exhibition which is taking place from Saturday 15 February to Wednesday 19 February. The exhibition will be open from 09:30 – 15:00 on each of these days at 200 Longwater Avenue, 100 Brook Drive, 250 South Oak Way and 400 South Oak Way.

Humans have been sharing stories since time immemorial. This common social and cultural activity serves many purposes from sharing and preserving our history, to promoting ideas and instilling moral values, right through to simple entertainment.

Photography is a great means of storytelling and it is often said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. However, photography and visual storytelling are not necessarily the same thing. Anyone can take a photograph, but telling a rich story through photography is another matter entirely. By using a camera to tell a visual story, you not only capture a moment in time, you also suggest an underlying narrative that hints at something much bigger. A good storyteller will invite you in and make you feel a part of their story.

The photographers who are featured in this exhibition have been successful because they have created stories that matter to them and they have shared with us a tiny insight into their own story. Some of the best stories that we see here are also the simplest and it is often the details that enrich the story and impart the most information. On the other hand, this exhibition also features images that invite curiosity, where the viewer is left with unanswered questions and the story is left untold.

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