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About Green Park

195 acres of business community. What encourages productivity better than beautiful surroundings?!

For our current customers, Green Park’s location, architecture, landscaping and amenities make it the obvious choice. Some are major global names. Some are smaller niche companies. All see the value in giving business space to breathe.

At Green Park, you’ll discover:

  • unique buildings designed for space and sustainability
  • a genuine sense of neighbourhood
  • facilities that simplify life

If that sounds like good business sense, we’d like to hear from you.

See our current occupiers

A green and pleasant landscape

Green Park extends across 195 acres of stunning parkland, sensitively landscaped and planted by Place Design & Planning to create a topography of natural contrasts that constantly surprises and encourages biodiversity. More than 50 bird species have been ‘twitched’ here, while Longwater Lake, a freshwater lake bisecting the site is home to an abundance of fish and invertebrates.

All Green Park buildings have solid ‘green’ credentials. A 120 metre wind turbine designed by Foster + Partners generates 2.3 megawatts of power annually, sufficient to meet the energy needs of 1,200 homes.

Managed with pride (and in partnership with you)

Green Park is owned and managed with pride by Oxford Properties Group. We take a uniquely collaborative approach to property management - making key decisions in partnership with our customers to ensure we meet their current and future needs. This customer-centric approach has helped us build a global real estate portfolio currently valued at $35 billion.

Explore the Park

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