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Green Park welcomed tenants in November 2014 when our worm farm was inhabitated by 22,000 Dendrobaena Veneta worms. These worms are particularly good when composting as they can consume up to 80% of their body weight per day and produce a 100% organic material for use elsewhere.

By vermicomposting, we truly are recycling soft organic waste which comes from the 100 Longwater Avenue café. Once the worms have produced enough compost, it will be used by our landscaping team around the estate. 100 tonnes of waste will provide us with 100kg of compost!

On the menu today...

Occupiers and the Green Park Management Team based at 100 Longwater Avenue are recycling their food waste by feeding their leftovers to the Green Park’s worms who live in a wormery at the back of the building.

The worms enjoy a varied diet of tea bags and coffee granules, fruit peel and leftover pizza to name just a few delights; they then turn these leftovers into a nutrient rich compost which the landscaping team use throughout the Estate to grow both plants and vegetables in the veggie patch.

Feel free to have a look at our new guests – there is a viewing window for you to have a look through and see the worms hard at work but if you would like to feed the worms, all you need to do it lift one of the two lids on the top of the wormery and scatter your food waste around. Please be advised the lids may be a little heavy for some so we advise taking a colleague with you to help pull the lid back down. As with any bin, please be ready for flies! If you are based at 100 Longwater Avenue and would like a food caddy to collect your waste in, please contact Adrian Turner.