Virtual Biodiversity Working Group

Get a behind the scenes perspective of what the Biodiversity Team do to keep attracting wildlife to the Park.

The Green Park site was once an area of low-lying, poor quality agricultural land, lying in the flood plain of the River Kennet. In its development, we have created a wide range of natural habitats which support a diverse variety of wildlife.

Green Park is proud to have been awarded the Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity Benchmark Award. This benchmark was awarded in 2015 and we are pleased to have retained it annually since.

Here’s Biodiversity Coordinator, Faye Kelland, giving us a behind the scenes perspective of what the Biodiversity Team do to attract hedgehogs to the park.

Why not have a go at home? This is a great activity to get the whole family involved in!

Here’s a recap of the equipment you’ll need. Then, simply follow Faye’s instructions in the video above.

Footprint monitoring tunnel (Click here to purchase)
Charcoal powder (Included with the footprint monitoring tunnel, if you purchase from the above link)
Vegetable oil
Hedgehog food or poultry flavoured cat biscuits
x2 A4 paper
Paintbrush or spoon

Tunnel Layout:

Top Tips:
1. Positioned the tunnel along a hedge, wall or fence.
2. Positioned the tunnel so that the entrance is flush with ground level at either end.
3. Use tent pegs to secure the tunnel if it could be in danger of blowing away in the wind

Here’s an example of hedgehog prints to look out for.