Bread Baking Corner

Useful strengthening dough technique

This slap and fold kneading technique for wet dough takes a little practice, but it’s effective at quickly strengthening dough.

1. Place the dough onto a clean work surface

2. Using wet hands, grab one side of the dough to your left or right with both hands in a pincher type formation

3. Pick up the dough (it’ll hang long in front of you) and slap the long-hanging dough down onto the counter

4. While still holding the dough, stretch it towards your body (the dough slapped to the counter should stick and anchor so the whole mass elongates)

5. Quickly fold the dough nearest your body in the air over the anchored section on the counter (it will fold up into a tight package)

6. Repeat (note that the dough rotates 90° each time you perform these actions to ensure the entire mass is strengthened eventually)