Spring is here!

With spring now well and truly here we’ve got some great things for you to look out for on your walks, and even in your gardens.

Flowers: Now is the perfect time for so many beautiful spring flowers to start making their way into the world. Crocuses, hyacinths, tulips, bluebells and azaleas are all blossoming across the UK and bringing lots of colour into our lives. Our favourite daffodils have also been springing up at Green Park and enjoying the sunshine! Did you know that daffodils keep all of the information on how to bloom for each year in their petals? This means that you can’t cut them down and instead need to wait for them to completely dry out before removing the heads, otherwise they won’t be able to bloom again the following spring.

Wildlife: We know that spring is a time when many species settle down to mate, so we’ve been monitoring activity on Green Park and noticed that there have been signs of blue tits in our nesting boxes, robins in the ivy areas, and also a long-tailed tit nest! If you’re looking to get out in the garden and prepare it for the summer be sure to look out for any hedgehogs (and their little hoglets) hiding in the long grass.

Vegetables: If you’re new to gardening then you might be wondering what would be best to start planting at this time of year. Lettuces, carrots, beetroots, kale, broccoli and radishes like to be planted outside. Order yourself some pots and compost and get ready to create a miniature (or massive!) allotment of your own.