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Home office activities

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We’ve rounded up the best activities for your workspace at home, from Conference Call Bingo, to the best free online fitness classes.

Conference Call Bingo
Whether it be Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype or another platform, there are truckloads of ways to get your video conference groove on. Though, after a day of back-to-back conference calls, they may start to become a yawn fest.

Now, you can take your meetings from zero to hero with a nifty little game of ‘Conference Call Bingo’.
It’s just like regular bingo, but this one you play from the comfort of your own home while liaising with your colleagues. Unfortunately, there’s no meat tray for the prize winner, but it’s still heaps of fun and worth introducing to the team.

There are plenty of great bingo call cards available online, but we’ve narrowed it down to three of our favourites to make it easy for you:

  • Check out which is touted as being the original Conference Call Bingo. Courtesy of E Gilliam, this simple and user-friendly bingo call card is downloadable. Send off copies to your colleagues to print off, and start playing.
  • has an online virtual version that keeps score for you automatically as you play along.
    Feeling creative? You could always make up your own personalised bingo cards using templates from and customise them to suit your organisation.

So, next time the team video conference call comes beckoning, spice up it up with a spot of bingo and make it more fun for all.

The Best Online Fitness Classes

Looking for a free online workout? Look no further. Don’t forget to check the events page for exclusive 3 Hardman Life fitness classes too!

Green Park’s Virtual Boot Camp – To help stay active and increase your energy levels, Green Park’s fitness instructor, Johnny Stokes, will be demonstrating 10 minute workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Each session is different and suitable for all fitness levels with beginner and advanced exercise options. Top tips – Remember to warm up before and cool down after your workout and ensure you have some water.

P.E with Joe Wicks every morning  – Joe Wicks is hosting a free workout aimed at kids, live on his YouTube channel every weekday morning at 9 am. The workouts are fun and suitable for all ages and even adults can get involved too!  You don’t need any equipment just tune into The Body Coach TV YouTube channel at 9 am each weekday morning for a 30-minute fun workout.

Psycle – Psycle is offering a range of distinct workouts designed to help you unleash your full potential. By training the mind and body, their mission is to empower everyone, everywhere. Just head over to their Instagram at @psyclelondon for live workouts with their talented instructors as well as on-demand classes that you can do anywhere, any time on their IGTV channel.

Barry’s Boot Camp – If you want a great workout, head to Barry’s Bootcamp. They are dedicated to changing lives worldwide through our workouts and community. Tune in every day for live-streaming workouts from Barry’s instructors all over the world. Live from their living rooms, what is not to love?