Discover ChromaYoga, a multi-sensory wellness trend

The effects of practising yoga have been documented for centuries.

But if you’ve not yet delved into the world of the Shavasana and Bakasana, this fresh twist may serve as the perfect initiation. It’s called ‘ChromaYoga‘, and it melds the poses and movements of traditional yoga with a unique light and sound experience.

The creators of ChromaYoga believe in the healing power of three things combined: Light and colour therapy, entrancing soundscapes, and specially-made natural aromas. Together these three pillars are designed to enhance the traditional yoga experience – and interestingly enough, the approach is solidly grounded in scientific research.

A slight change-up to light frequencies may do wonders for us
Modern life is dyed in blue, monochromatic light. It’s the bright light which emanates from our smartphones, tablets, computers and flat-screen televisions. It’s commonly held that prolonged exposure to this light suppresses melatonin production and disrupts our natural circadian rhythms (resulting ultimately in poorer sleep and therefore, fatigue). Lifelong exposure is linked with insomnia, anxiety, and cancer. No good.

ChromaYoga seeks to address this imbalance by immersing you in an ‘ergonomically-designed room bathed in a specific colour of light’. The light determines the flow of the workout and is, of course, safe and non-invasive. Sounds relaxing already, right?

Enter sonic healing
During a ChromaYoga class, you’ll hear a purpose-built soundtrack composed using ‘binaural and isochronic tones’, which mimic the ‘frequencies our brains emit in different states of consciousness’. The sounds will guide you into a ‘sensory state’ designed to make you feel more calm, focused and relaxed. Keep practising with these soundscapes, and you may even see a marked decrease in your propensity for distraction as you go about your day.

And don’t forget a glorious scent
ChromaYoga’s flagship Shoreditch studio partnered with scent-maker Asakala to create essential oils which correspond to the colour of each class. The aromas are designed to ‘drive energy, aid breath work, release muscle tension and encourage relaxation’.

What’s the best way to try ChromaYoga for myself?
This video provides a helpful view of how a ChromaYoga session is conducted. You can watch the video to follow along with the moves, but to recreate the rest of the experience, try: