Bring some balance to your work-from-home life

These top purchases will help restore the balance to your life and leave you feeling relaxed!

1. These calming aromatherapy candles are made with luxury essential oils and contain no synthetic fragrances or chemical binders. Hand poured in the UK and worth every relaxing penny!


2. Designed to help you improve your core, balance and toning, this exercise ball is a great addition to your home!


3. Subtly scent your rooms with these warm and inviting diffusers – they’re made with luxury in mind and release aromas all day long.


4. As daily routines continue to change, stay active from the comfort of your own home! The Peleton is a great way to get your blood pumping and burn those calories.


5. Soak away the day with Bomb Cosmetics products. Made with pure essential oils, they are blended to help enhance or alter your mood and are entirely hand crafted to ensure that they fizz like crazy!


6. Whether you’re looking for an eco-yoga mat or a super grippy mat,  Sweaty Betty have you covered for yoga mats.