10 quick and simple mood boosters

Need a super quick pick me up when you’re feeling gloomy? Try some of these speedy mood boosters to help get you back on track!

1. Open Your Curtains – It’s easy to let each day roll into another, so throw open your curtains or blinds and let in some light! You’ll be surprised how good it makes you feel and if the weather allows you can open up the windows and let the fresh air flow through your home.

2. Keep A Gratitude List – This is a true mood-boosting method to lift your spirits. As well as finding yourself practising a pleasant emotion, you’ll be able to look back on your list from time to time and smile about what made you feel happy, and you’ll notice how you start to look for the good things in life too!

3. Change Your Sheets – Who doesn’t love to snuggle down into clean sheets? Next time you jump out of bed, change your sheets and enjoy breathing in the fresh laundry scent come bedtime.

4. Sing (and dance!) – Research suggests that having a sing and dance to your favourite tunes can help reduce stress and boost your mood.

5. Do Something Nice For Someone Else – This doesn’t have to be extreme – you can send someone flowers, cook a meal for your housemate, or even donate to a worthy cause. There’s something about making another person happy that fills us with joy, so do something today to make someone smile!

6. Read Your Favourite Book – You don’t have to read the whole thing – maybe there is a chapter or quote that inspires you or makes you feel good? Read your favourite part to yourself to remind you that you’re awesome.

7. Take A Shower – Jump in the shower and let the water flow. As well as feeling squeaky clean afterwards, the shower is a great place for to get some peace, quiet and privacy!

8. Buy Some Flowers – Get yourself a bouquet of flowers next time you have to pop to the shops. They don’t have to be extravagant, and you’ll notice how a little bit of colour and nature catches your eye and lifts your mood.

9. Watch Cute Little Animals Do Their Thing – Who doesn’t love fluffy kittens or cute puppies?! Watch a video online, check out our Wildlife Webcams, or get your friends with pets to send you an update of their hamster, lizard, dog, cat, goose, or whatever!

10. Take A Nap – If you’re feeling moody and you don’t know why, try taking a nap. Sometimes all we need is 20 minutes to just switch our brains off and forget about the world, and when we wake-up we feel refreshed and ready to go!