Green Park Environmental Forum: Moving on from recycling to a Circular Economy

15th of December
Life at Green Park Portal 14:00 - 15:30

The Green Park Environmental Forum meet on a quarterly basis to discuss different sustainability and environmental topics and share initiatives. ​​​​​​​

Join us for the final forum of 2020, which will be taking place virtually on Tuesday 15th December. The theme for this quarter is on Circular Economy. This will see our Environmental Consultant, Rachel Widdows, give an informative talk on this subject, and as always there will be time for discussion and questions around this systematic approach.

What is Circular Economy?
The current linear economy operates on a take, make, dispose or recycle basis reliant on selling as many products as possible to consumers. To shift to a circular economy, businesses need to explore new business models that allow products and materials to be used again and again and again.

  • Find out what a ‘Circular Economy’ means
  • Circular Economy Case Studies
  • How could you introduce these principles within your own organisations, or have you already?

Please RSVP to register your attendance for the meeting, then join the live Microsoft Teams call on the day. Be sure to add this to your calendar to remind yourself that this event is coming up!

To join this event, please visit Life at Green Park.