Meet the world class architects who shaped Green Park and its buildings

The individual buildings at Green Park showcase some of the world’s leading architectural firms. Inside them, you’ll discover a world of space, light and innovation, where sustainability is very highly valued. The master plan drawing them together as a coherent whole was designed by Foster + Partners.

Foster + Partners
100 Longwater Avenue and Masterplan

Foster + Partners were chosen as the Planners of Green Park because they understand that our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives, in the workplace as in our homes and communities. We’re delighted with the expertise and sensitivity they used in creating Green Park – a naturally inspiring business space with true ecological value.

Nicholas Hare
200, 250, 300 and 350 Longwater Avenue

The creators of stunning Headquarter buildings, NHA believes in buildings designed for expression and enjoyment. Natural light is their particular speciality, with flowing, relaxing spaces that channel sunshine. NHA buildings give your business inspiring surroundings and happier people, not to mention lower electricity bills.

400 and 450 South Oak Way

EPR stands for Ecological Planning & Research. They’re ecologists, trained and dedicated, and all their projects have environmental impact as a first consideration. They helped make Green Park into a space we can all be proud of, where your workers can enjoy well-earned moments of tranquillity in a peaceful, natural setting.

Sidell Gibson
200 Brook Drive

The team at Sidell Gibson believe in buildings that work in their environment. Their offices take into account the natural beauty of Green Park. This isn’t restricted to the design; sustainable materials, and smart ways to save water and energy, mean you’ll find a space with your company’s practical and ethical needs in mind.

Scott Brownrigg
500 Brook Drive

The bold, sculptured shape of 500 Brook Drive is the work of Scott Brownrigg, a socially responsible team that provides positive, futureproof solutions to business needs. Their eye for design inspired the full-height atrium reaching up through 5 storeys and the helix-ribbon stairs cut from a single steel tube.

300 South Oak Way

International architectural firm HOK is famous for projects such as the Natural History Museum’s Darwin Centre. Their focus is on inspiration and connections, bringing a subtle extra dimension to your business. Life in their expertly designed offices just feels easier, without you ever noticing exactly why.

500 and 550 South Oak Way

Tatehindle thrive on challenging projects that combine sustainable design and commercial understanding. In Green Park, their office buildings are made unique by stunning focal points of brass. Streamlined design meets streamlined costs as photovoltaic solar panels supply the buildings with sustainable energy – all in keeping with Green Park’s green ethos.

PLACE Design and Planning
The Cycle Network

In the outside spaces of Green Park you’ll discover a sense of belonging and community, the work of our award-winning landscape architects PLACE Design and Planning. PLACE is committed to sustainable, imaginative and appropriate design solutions. The team are the masterminds behind Green Park’s cycle network, the central lake and the many habitats designed to support British wildlife.