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Apr 2014

Cycle Surgery


Tuesday 1st April - Lime Square
Tuesday 8th April - 100 Longwater Avenue
Tuesday 15th April - 100 Brook Drive

Tuesday 6th May - Lime Square
Tuesday 13th May - 100 Longwater Avenue
Tuesday 20th May - 100 Brook Drive

9.30am - 4pm

Safety Inspection: £10.00

The bike will get a full Safety inspection to make sure it is roadworthy. (No parts will be removed, adjusted or lubricated)
All defects will be reported –if repairs are required they will be charged separately depending on the work and parts required.

Basic Service: £30.00

The bike will get a full safety inspection.
Brakes adjusted and pads checked for wear (Front and Rear).
Gears adjusted and tuned.
All bearings checked for ware and adjusted.(wheels, handset, bottom bracket & suspension if applicable)
Wheels checked for running true. (On the bike)
All nuts and bolts checked for tightness.
Frame and forks visually checked.
All cables inspected for wear and lubricated.
All moving parts lubricated.
Tyres checked for wear and pressure.
All defects will be reported –if repairs are required they will be charged separately

Full Service: £90.00

This is a complete strip down –all parts will be cleaned, inspected and bike rebuilt.
All cables replaced. (Brakes and gears)
All loose bearings replaced (headset, front/rear hubs and bottom bracket).
Wheels tuned and spokes checked for correct tension.
Sealed units inspected, greased and replaced.
All defects will be reported –if parts are required then the labour charge fitting is included in the service cost.

For general enquiries or to book directly please contact Laura Ashfield on 01189 450004 or email 

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